Interview with a man who got the first electronic LED tattoo.

Clip from our TV Pilot, “Lost Cities”. Check out more about “Lost Cities” here:

A tour of Jersey City’s only lazer tag italian restaurant. Lazer Tag Italian Ristorante,

Segment from our TV Pilot, “Lost Cities”. Check out more about “Lost Cities” here:

Dan and Pat audition for American Idol.

A commercial for the Polecatapult, a skunk trap.

Parody of the anti-drug commercial.

Our TV Pilot, Redeeming Rainbow. It was a finalist in Comedy Central’s Test Pilot Competition and the NYTVF.

For more info on Redeeming Rainbow, go here:

A guy smokes weed for the first time but doesn’t know the rules.

The Calderons, a tv pilot about an unemployed couple that takes care of handicapped robots in exchange for welfare. It was a comedy pilot finalist at the NYTVF ’06.

Mitchell Hurwitz, creator of

Arrested Development, said ““The Calderons” is a highly original, wonderfully schizophrenic comedy that is equal parts special effects mastery and detailed character work."

A commercial for the first edible anal lubricant for the whole family, Anal Yum! More Anal Yum please!

A short animation about two alien characters, Moustache and Bean. They celebrate Christmas.

Amazing the Lion, a web series we created for the Independent Comedy Network.

For more info on Amazing the Lion, go here:


Our on going series, “The Bear, The Cloud, And God”. Check out all the episodes here:

Commercial for the window chimney!

The Renaissance Man Sketch! From our first Unplugged Show @ The PIT.

Trololo Man battles Bruce Springsteen from our Bruce Springsteen Show @ The PIT. Who will be victorious?


Toronto Sketchfest 2010! Dinosaurs have a funeral.

Found footage of a Catman superhero.

Lawyer ad.