The Bear, The Cloud, And God

A web series about friendship between a bear and a cloud. Then God got involved.


Lost Cities

A mock travel show that explores lesser known cities in the U.S. The host, Nate Starkey, visits a different city each episode. It's also completely made up. Nate always ends up in awkward situations where many terrible unappealing facts about the city are revealed.

Amazing The Lion

An HD animated children’s cartoon about a stuffed lion who lives in the forest on the side of the long island expressway.

Redeeming Rainbow

A mockumentary about two room mates from jersey city who sublet a third room to a talking cartoon rainbow from the sky.

The Calderons

"The Calderons" is a highly original, wonderfully schizophrenic comedy

that is equal parts special effects mastery and detailed character

work." -Mitchell Hurwitz


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