Dan McNamara

Pat Byrne

Dan is a founding member of The Upset Triangle. He lives in Jersey City. He worked on this website so he gets to write whatever he wants in Pat’s bio. For more info on Dan go to: http://www.danmcnamara.com

Co-founder of Upset Triangle. Lover of: sketch comedy, cheeseburgers, and late night dance parties. Documentary filmmaker. Owner of several hats. Has written many brief biographies in the 3rd person, this is his 6th. 

Follow him on Twitter here: @therealpatbyrne

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Rob Forrester

Rob joined The Upset Triangle in 2009. He lives in a far off land called Astoria. He is a vampire.

Nick Fierro

Nick can play crack heads and homeless people. He is incredibly friendly and a good guy. He lives in Jersey City and has LED tattoos.

Dan and Pat, original hosts of the Upset Triangle Variety Hour

Tabitha is the only girl in the group aside from Pat. She lives in Jersey City and is also a freelance writer. For more information visit tabithavidaurri.com

Tabitha Vidaurri

Corey works in the film industry and likes to eat cheese sandwiches. He lives in Brooklyn.

Corey Fontana